Behaviour and Training

All parrot owners are parrot trainers and parrot behaviourists. Living with parrots requires a level of behavioural knowledge that isn't required with many of our other companion species. Here you'll find essays on dealing with behaviour problems and my personal philosophy on the best ways to live with these fascinating, complex, frequently annoying companions.

Completed pages


Ouch! Parrots come with a can-opener on their faces, and that can-opener can cause serious harm. How do we deal with biting, and even more importantly, prevent it from happening?


Unlike most pet dogs and cats, parrots are sexually intact beings who form strong mate bonds, and because of thise, require some special knowledge when interacting with them.


Parrot screaming is frustrating, loud, deafening, and very, very easy to encourage. This is how to discourage it, and to convince your household to be, if not quiet, at least less loud.

Works in progress


Does he talk? The #1 question addressed to all parrot owners. Talking is an amazing trait of parrots -- how do we encourage it?


How do you live successfully with parrots? What sort of person is suited to a life with birds? What habits are important to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour?

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