For those who are interested in more detailed information on parrot behaviour, here's some good places to start.

Parrot BAS

on yahoogroups, is a mailing list led by Susan Friedman, that has two purposes. One is to teach mini-lessons on Applied Behavioural Analysis, the other to help people with their parrot's problems by matching each caregiver with a threadleader who walks them through ways to better live with their birds. No chatting happens, more or less, and there are some well followed rules, so read up on all the info you get.

Living and Learning with Parrots

aka LLP, is for you if the above isn't enough. This class has something like a two year waiting list, and is completely worth it. I took it in January 2007, before joining ParrotBAS and volunteering as a tutor and a threadleader.

more of Susan's writings

can be found here.

Barbara Heidenreich

has published an enormous amount of helpful information on bird behaviour. She puts out Good Bird, which is a fantastic magazine, and has multiple amazing videos and books. She's great in person too if you ever get the chance to see her.

Natural Encounters

for those who are really motivated, offers a 6 day workshop for companion parrot owners that is absolutely amazing. I went in January of 2008 and 2009. They also have a lot of great articles up on their web page.

Here's a few links on basic parrot care.

Cleaning and Taking Care of your Bird and Its Cage

Some of my readers sent in this link, which includes a number of good links and good information on parrot husbandry. Thanks!

Bird Owners Manual

Great PDF link with more details on husbandry. Includes a picture of Schrodinger, our old scarlet macaw in it.

There's a few great behavior blogs out there too that I want to highlight.

Sid Price's wonderful blog.

Barbara Heidenreich's blog.

Raz's great website and blog on flighted outdoor training.

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